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Recent Publications, Shows, Etc.

Curator, #ThisIsWhere Poetry Project / WLRN & the O, Miami Poetry Festival

“Barnacles on the Boat: Notions of Literature at the Key West Literary Seminar” The Miami Rail, March 2014

“How Madonna Shaped My Romance With I-95” Radio piece, WLRN, February 2014.

“Key West Thief Inspires Crime Writers” Radio piece, Here & Now, February 2014.

“One Thousand Ways to Look at a Bird” Culture Magazine, 2014

“Magnificent Frigatebird: Always around but never close” BirdWatching Magazine, December 2013 

“Birdwatchers In The Keys On Alert For Nature’s Speed Demon” Radio piece, WLRN, February 2014.

Solo photo show, “Velo City: Key Westers and Their bicycles.” The Studios of Key West, May 2013

“Wings over water” BirdWatching Magazine, April 2011

"Where to find exotic birds in and around beautiful Miami, Florida" BirdWatching Magazine, November 2008

"Florida’s Raptor Highway" BirdWatching Magazine, October 2008