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Recently published or shown writing and photography

"Keys Man Races Pigeons — And Rescues Them" Photos with Nancy Klingener story. [Look]

"Carol Munder's Broken Fingers" The Miami Rail, Spring 2015 [Read]

"The World’s Loneliest Crocodile" WBUR's Here & Now, December 2014. [Listen]

“Catching Cleatus: A Crocodile Story” Roads & Kingdoms, July 2014 [Read]

Curator, #ThisIsWhere Poetry Project / WLRN & the O, Miami Poetry Festival

"Barnacles on the Boat: Notions of Literature at the Key West Literary Seminar" The Miami Rail, March 2014 [Read]

"How Madonna Shaped My Romance With I-95" Radio piece, WLRN, February 2014. [Read]

"Key West Thief Inspires Crime Writers" Radio piece, Here & Now, February 2014. [Listen]

"One Thousand Ways to Look at a Bird" Culture Magazine, 2014

"Magnificent Frigatebird: Always around but never close" BirdWatching Magazine, December 2013 [Read]

"Birdwatchers In The Keys On Alert For Nature's Speed Demon" Radio piece, WLRN, February 2014. [Listen]

"Velo City: Key Westers and Their bicycles."  Solo photo show at The Studios of Key West, May 2013

"Wings over water"  BirdWatching Magazine, April 2011 [Read]

"Where to find exotic birds in and around beautiful Miami, Florida" BirdWatching Magazine, November 2008 [Read]

"Florida's Raptor Highway" BirdWatching Magazine, October 2008 [Read]

"When Fran Met Bill" Solares Hill, February 2006 [Read]