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The Vodka House

People just call it the Vodka House.

It's on the 1000 block of Watson Street in Key West, just off Truman, on the opposite side of Bare Assets strip club. I don't know anyone who's seen it and not been gobsmacked.

It is an entire house decorated in lit up empty vodka bottles. There are several sizes of bottles used in the display, but they are all the same label: Skol.

It shows some serious dedication, not just to the hours of ingenious design and execution, but to the drinking of one type of vodka. Skol is not exactly a top shelf brand.

People tend to pull up on bikes or in cars, get out, and stare for a few minutes. Then usually say something like, "Wow. Just wow." At least that was the pattern when I was out there they other night, taking pictures.

At one point one of the people who lived there came out and someone said, "Your house is beautiful, but that is a terrible vodka."

The person who lived there gave a pretty good argument about how Skol is a much better vodka than more heavily marketed brand like Absolute. He also said he could make a much articulate argument in favor of Skol if, you know, he was sober. Then he bid everyone goodnight and retreated indoors.

They've been decorating the house like this for two or three years. I believe the passed out Santa is a new addition for 2013.

There's a For Sale sign on the building, so I worry it won't be there next year.

But either way you should see it if you can.

Nothing better than when people find the beauty that everyone else overlooked.

Detail photos below.